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Fall in Virginia Beach

Visitors to Virginia Beach Virginia will find fall to be one of best times to visit. The beaches are still a must visit attraction and surprisingly, the water often remains warm enough for swimming thru September.

The trip from other major metropolitan areas to Virginia Beach can be extremely enjoyable during the fall. Traffic is much lighter and the highways are lined with wildflowers in bloom and maturing crops. Farmers markets along the way have a wealth of local produce in fall. Summer produce such as tomatoes, peppers, corn, beans, melons and others are still available. In addition, fall harvests of apples, pumpkins, squash, greens, cabbage, honey, other produce and specialty foods are available.

Arriving in Virginia Beach, visitors will notice seasonal changes. Gone is the heat and humidity and traffic is lighter. Visitors to local refuges will find that birds of all kinds are on the move as the Atlantic Flyway begins to come to life. Experienced birdwatchers can explore with cameras, spotting scopes, notepads and easels.

Beach lovers have the beaches more to themselves, and many decide to explore them more. A walk after one of the late summer hurricanes may reveal a new crop of shells along the shoreline. Several types of whelks, surf clams, scallops, cockles and other shells wash up, mixed in with mysteries of the ocean such as sand dollars, devil's purses, driftwood and sometimes even coins or other antiquities.

Fishermen enjoy fall fishing in Virginia Beach . For offshore enthusiasts, some of the best catches of the year come in late September thru November. These include yellowfin tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi and other pelagic species that school up as they migrate back southward. Similarly, flounder, croaker, trout and other species form schools and begin to exit the Chesapeake bay. This makes fall pier fishing productive as inshore species gather near piers and feed heavily before leaving Virginia waters. Surf fishermen also find fishing improved as local fish migrate down the beaches. In addition to smaller species, surf anglers begin to fish for the monsters of the beaches, as striped bass, red drum, black drum and sandbar sharks all make their way down the Virginia coastline.

Shoppers will be ecstatic while touring the shops of Virginia Beach. End of season sales offer some excellent bargains and most shops offer a unique variety of holiday-related gifts. Fall festivals are another excellent option for shoppers. Several events feature artists and crafters selling unique items, many focusing on local wildlife, fall activities and holiday season specialties.