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3rd Annual Out & About Norfolk Paint Out

Published: August 11, 2009
Join artists in Norfolk VA in October for the 3rd annual "Out & About Norfolk" paint out, hosted by Karen Kinser and The Studios at Monticello. Painters register to paint the subject of their choice, on location within the city limits of Norfolk. Artists may work to enter as many as two finished pieces in any 2-D painting medium. Artists must work "from life" in the tradition of Plein Air painting.

After two full days of painting, artists must deliver their framed work by NOON on Sat - to The Studios at Monticello, in the historic Monticello Arcade at 208 East Plume Street, Norfolk. Work must be framed and wired correctly and ready to hang. NO SAWTOOTH HANGERS. NO UNFRAMED WORK! NO EXCEPTIONS! Of course, some of the paintings will still be wet . . . that is just part of the spontaneous spirit of Paint Outs!

The work will be hung and the 2009 Awards Juror, (to be announced) will choose pieces from the exhibition to receive awards. Award winning paintings will be marked as such, at the opening of the Reception, the night of Saturday, October 24th. Doors open at 6 pm for artists and their guests, as well as art enthusiasts and collectors. There will be a 10.00 fee/per person to attend the reception and sale.
(Artists and "adopt an artist hosts excluded")

At the end of the evening artists have the option to leave unsold work in the gallery for an After-the-Paint-Out exhibition, through November 6th. A 30% commission will be retained by the gallery on ALL sales. Artists are asked to price their work accordingly.
On the morning of Thursday, October 22nd, registered artists will meet at The Studios at Monticello for an 8 o'clock Breakfast Gathering and Send-Off, and then head out to their chosen locations. Coffee and a light breakfast will be available that morning, for artists.

All canvases and boards will be stamped with the 2009 logostamp - so painters are reminded to BRING PAINTING SUPPORTS TO THE BREAKFAST! Artists may paint as long as they like on the first day and return to the same spot or choose a different spot for day 2.
Artists may choose "Adopt an Artist spots" in which to paint. There will be a list of locations posted on the website, updated as hosts volunteer. These individuals and businesses will serve as hosts for the artists, during their painting hours, offering access to restrooms and providing a light lunch. These "hosts" are interested in offering their gardens, houses or business-fronts as subjects for artists to paint.

The studio will be "canvasing" the Norfolk area for people interested in "adopting". Propert owners interested in becoming hosts for this event should contact Karen Kinser at the Studios at Monticello for details.

For more information contact:

Karen Kinser
Studios at Monticello
208 East Plume Street - Suite 9
211 East City Hall Ave (alt. entrance)
Monticello Arcade
Norfolk, Virginia 23510
757 286 6210