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Fair Trade Festival at Waterside

Published: September 4, 2009 | Updated: September 4, 2009

The Eighth annual Fair Trade Festival promises to be the best ever. The newly revamped and spacious Waterside provides room for new and unusual products as well as favorites from around the world that have made this beloved festival a must-go for 7 years. "Clothing, jewelry, food, house wares, chocolate, wine, and beer... all products are produced under fair labor standards, so not only will people love their gifts, you know that those gifts keep on giving by allowing people around the world and in your own community to make a decent living and support their families" says festival organizer Susan Posey.

Customers come from as far away as Williamsburg to experience this warm, friendly atmosphere: local and fair trade wines and beers,local food, and an all-star cast of local musicians providing live music all day long. Belly dancing, poetry, and free chocolate and coffee tastings make this festival a genuinely unsurpassed experience. Dinner will be available and don’t miss the incredible main concert event, the DC based and world-renowned band Scythian.

Classically trained musicians, Scythian plays everything from Celtic rock to Gypsy to Klezmer."In concert, Scythian proves to be one of Washington's most energetic and an eclectic band…Scythian's enthusiasm is contagious, and shows seem to end with everyone dancing, jumping around, or hoisting glasses."- The Washington Post

The Fair Trade Festival seeks to educate consumers about and connect them with sustainable and fairly produced products, entertainment, and businesses in order to decrease world poverty by increasing the availability of fairly paid work. The event seeks to connect consumers with responsible businesses in order to support a rapidly evolving economic system that is creating justice not through government regulation, but through consumer education.