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Virginia Beach Whale Watch Companies Join Whale SENSE Atlantic

Published: January 16, 2016
Rudee Tours and Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center recently joined Whale SENSE, a voluntary responsible whale watching program.

Dolphin - Whale 911 Smartphone App

Published: December 2, 2013
NOAA Fisheries recently announced the release of a smartphone app entitled "Dolphin & Whale 911."

Lake Smith and Lake Lawson Natural Area Improvements

Published: September 17, 2012
Located in the northwestern part of Virginia Beach, the Lake Lawson and Lake Smith Natural Area is a 42-acre preserve with more than 12,200 feet of shoreline.

Lynnhaven River Oyster Gardener Program

Published: July 3, 2012
Growing oysters is a simple but effect way to improve the Lynnhaven River.

Virginia State Record White Perch Caught near Virginia Beach

Published: July 3, 2012
The State Record Fish Committee of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) recently confirmed a new state record white perch caught by Beau McLaughlin of Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach Whale Watching Guidelines

Published: March 23, 2012
More than 50 separate whales have been spotted near Virginia Beach since December 2011.

Virginia to Enforce Fisherman Identification Program

Published: June 30, 2011
Virginia Marine Police will begin enforcing the Virginia Fisherman Identification Program registration requirement after the Fourth of July weekend.

LRNow Oyster Gardener Seminars, Taylor Float Workshops

Published: June 16, 2011 | Updated: June 16, 2011
2011 Dates for LRNow Oyster Gardener Seminars, Taylor Float Workshops and Roundups.

National Saltwater Angler Registry Reminder

Published: September 4, 2010
Virginia and Federal officials are reminding people who have been or are planning to go saltwater fishing this year to register with the National Saltwater Angler Registry if they’re required to do so.

Virginia Beach Prepares for Hurricane Earl

Published: August 31, 2010
With Hurricane Earl expected to pass along the Atlantic Coast this weekend, the Coast Guard is stressing the importance of safety for boaters and swimmers during the hurricane season.