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CBF Hampton Roads Oyster Gardening Program

Published: May 16, 2009
Native oyster restoration in Virginia is helping to replenish oyster populations and provide much needed habitat for important fish and shellfish. A shining example, the Lynnhaven River has experienced a ten-fold increase in oysters in recent years. You can help grow even more oysters by becoming an oyster gardener!

CBF’s Oyster Gardening Program is a year round, hands-on opportunity to help bring back this vital filter feeder using the area alongside homeowners docks. Gardeners attend a training seminar where they receive their baby oysters. Once home, particpants place oysters in floating oyster bags alongside their dock where they grow for a year. The following summer CBF staff will transplant the resulting year-old oysters to a sanctuary reef where the oysters can continue to reproduce and filter water, thus improving water quality for the Bay.

This program is family friendly and a great way to help Save the Bay. For more information visit the CBF oyster gardening website.

To participate in the Oyster Gardening Program contact the CBF Hampton Roads office at or 757/622.1964.