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Rudee Inlet Connector Walk

Published: November 22, 2012
The city of Virginia Beach has begun work on a new walkway that will connect Winston-Salem Avenue and the Marina District to the resort oceanfront near the 4th Street parking lot. The new walkway will pass under the Rudee Inlet Bridge, extend around the Rudee Inlet Loop and connect to the south end of the existing boardwalk.

With the recently completed Hampton Roads Transit bus stop improvements and plans for a future water taxi service, the project will help create a truly multi-model transit hub for residents and visitors to reach destinations throughout this part of the resort area.

The project, known as the Rudee Inlet Connector Walk, is being built in two phases.
Construction of Phase I, which includes building the walkway down Winston-Salem Avenue, under the Rudee Inlet Bridge, and connecting to the 4th Street parking lot, began in October with work scheduled for completion in February.
Phase II will begin in February and involves extending the walkway around the Rudee Inlet loop and connecting it to the south end of the boardwalk. During this phase of construction, workers will also perform any necessary improvements for the water taxi launch beneath the bridge. The entire project, including design, permitting and construction, is expected to cost about $1.23 million.
The new walkway will improve mobility and safety for pedestrians and cyclists by providing a direct linkage via the new walkway under Rudee Inlet Bridge. It will also provide infrastructure improvement for the planned water taxi launch to serve Rudee Inlet, and in the future, perhaps areas such as the Virginia Aquarium.